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Wilshire Quinn Capital, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a direct private money lender focused on short term bridge loans, secured by first trust deeds. Wilshire Quinn Capital’s successful track record is closely linked to our disciplined underwriting approach. Our emphasis on in-house loan origination allows for a faster, more streamlined lending process. Wilshire Quinn Capital has grown to become one of the premier bridge lenders in California.

Since 2004, Wilshire Quinn Capital Inc. has been a leader in the capital markets and serves as managing partner of the Wilshire Quinn Income Fund, a direct portfolio lender that originates bridge loans secured by real estate located primarily in California.

Wilshire Quinn Capital provides financing to borrowers who are unable to obtain credit from traditional lending institutions. Our customer base is fairly diverse; borrowers range from corporations looking for construction financing, to individuals who are looking to purchase or refinance an investment property.


Lending Process

At Wilshire Quinn Capital we control the lending process which means fast answers and quick closings. Whether it is a purchase, refinance, cash out, or a multiple property loan, our private lending process is transparent and fast.

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Knowing our borrowers

We are a direct private money lender; we are not a loan broker. We know that time is of the essence for borrowers who may be seeking a many hard money or private money loan. That’s why Wilshire Quinn Capital will work with you to fund your loan in just a matter of days.

Our successful track record is closely linked to our ability to make immediate lending decisions based on our highly disciplined underwriting approach. The emphasis on in-house loan origination allows our borrowers to move forward with confidence on their real estate transactions.

Wilshire Quinn Capital is open to partner with mortgage brokers and traditional lenders to provide a simple funding source for your commercial and non-owner occupied residential properties.